Child of Tree: A Celebration of John Cage

I remember loving sound before I ever took a music lesson.

And so we make our lives by what we love.” – John Cage

QUIET MUSIC ENSEMBLE in association with TRISKEL ARTS CENTRE, supported by RTÉ lyric fm

Triskel Arts Centre, Tobin St., Cork City

Jan 28th, from 6pm, walk in / out whenever you like!

Tickets FREE from Triskel Arts Centre Box Office

Outrageous, contrary, crazy, profound? The composer John Cage is perhaps best known as the creator of the notorious ‘silent’ piece 4’33”. Bringing chance, environmental sound, new performance methods and much more into the world of music, he questioned most of the deepest held beliefs about what music is… and can be. He scandalized audiences world-wide with astonishing ideas and extraordinary stage-acts. But Cage was no mere sensationalist, out only to shock: his philosophies, drawing upon spiritual practices from all over the world, are deeply considered and profound. He expressed them in many ways, including music, theatre, the visual arts and in written form. With an astonishing legacy of influences that extend far beyond music, he is one of the most important figures of Twentieth Century art. And yet… the deeply humane nature of his work is seldom recognised, not least because so little beyond the ‘enfant terrible’ pieces is well known.

2012 is the centenary of Cage’s birth, and Child of Tree is a celebration of the unjustly neglected music he created in the last 20 years of his life, 1972 to ’92. This is music of beauty and oftentimes deep serenity. Ranging from pieces made of a sparse, seemingly windswept freeze of notes to a delicious hotpot of environmental noise, from re-written Satie to exuberant circuses of sound, this is music of amazing variety and scintillating colours, deep meditation, humour and elation. It is a joy to be celebrating the work of this incredible artist!

Child of Tree will be recorded for broadcast on Nova, RTÉ lyric fm’s new music programme presented by Bernard Clarke, Sundays from 9pm. 

Other Cage related events taking place on Friday 27 January, in University College Cork:

On Friday afternoon Quiet Music Ensemble and Quiet Club perform a lunchtime concert starting at 1.10pm in The Glucksmans Gallery, UCC, followed by Branches; a seminar exploring the works of John Cage involving renowned collaborators & composers, including John David Fulleman, Alvin Lucier, Pauline Oliveros, Danny McCarthy, Mary Nunan, Jennifer Walsh, Evangelia Rigaki, Martin Iddon and John Godfrey. The seminar will take place between 3pm and 6pm in the Ó Riada Hall, Department of Music, Sunday’s Well Road.

Information on UCC’s website.

(Please note that although included in the information supplied on the UCC website for events taking place on Friday 27 January, the QME performance in Triskel Arts Centre will take place on Saturday 28 January)

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